Ultrasonic Basic Sanitary Pad making machine – SWACHH 4 Series

SWACHH 4 Series

Hybrid Ultrasonic Machines For Making Sanitary Pads & 3-ply masks – SWACHH 4 Series

Swachh 4 series is a low-cost modular ultrasonic machine with availability of multiple add-ons for different sizes and types of sanitary pads and for producing high quality 3 ply masks at a faster rate. The machine is compact, easily operable and is the best for medium to high scale production requirements. Being modular, one can choose the add-ons according to market needs.

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Compact Machine - Saral Designs

Compact Machine

Production capacity - 30 pads /min - Saral Designs

Production capacity – 70 pads /min

Pad Counter - Saral Designs

Pad Counter

Operator Friendly - Saral Designs

Operator Friendly

Deep Embossing - Saral Designs

Deep Embossing


  • Compact machine

  • High Production capacity – 70 units /min
  • Continuous rotary sealing

  • Deep embossing

  • Modular Aluminium structure

  • Pad/Mask counter

  • Add-ons to make sanitary pads with release paper and positioning glue

  • Add-ons to make sanitary pads with construction glue for better integrity

  • Add-ons to make 3-ply face masks


  • Compact machine with Dimensions (L x B x H)13ft x 3ft x 7ft

  • Pad Production Rate 70 pads/min and with Pad counter

  • Pad Type Ultra thin with wings and continuous core

  • Operator friendly Weighting upto 530 kgs and Deep embossing

  • Air Pressure 8-10 kg/cm2

  • Efficiency 80%

  • Power Consumption 13 kW/hour and easily

For Mask Add-Ons

  • Mask Production Rate – 70 masks/min

  • Mask Body Type: 3 ply face mask without nose wire, N95 face mask without nose wire

  • Earloop attachment: Semi-automatic through ultrasonic spot sealing machine


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