Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Suhani Mohan - Saral Designs

Suhani Mohan
Co-founder and CEO

Kartik Mehta - Saral Designs

Kartik Mehta
Co-founder and CTO

Abhijit Patil - Saral Designs

Abhijit Patil
Operations Head

Suraj Patinge from Saral Designs

Suraj Patinge
R&D Head

Shivali Bagayatkar from Saral Designs

Shivali Bagayatkar
Partnership and Research Head

Aditya Khare - Saral Designs

Aditya Khare
Sales and Marketing Head

Yogesh Hadke from Saral Designs

Yogesh Hadke
Procurement Manager

Dhruti Ganatra
Business Development Manager

Renu Bisht - Saral Designs

Renu Bisht
Regional Sales Manager

Rajani Pandey from Saral Designs

Rajani Pandey
People Operations Manager

Samidha Sawant
Design Engineer

Prakash Gharti
Operations Engineer

Vishal Panchal - Saral Designs

Vishal Panchal
Testing Engineer

Akshay Jadhav from Saral Designs

Akshay Jadhav
Quality Engineer

Mustafa Damerwala from Saral Designs

Mustafa Damerwala
After Sales Engineer

Ijaz Shaikh from Saral Designs

Ijaz Shaikh
After Sales Engineer

Nadeem Shaikh - Saral Designs

Nadeem Shaikh
Logistics and Supply Chain Manager

Sweta Padhy from Saral Designs

Sweta Padhy
Accounts Executive

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