Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Suhani Mohan - Saral Designs

Suhani Mohan
Co-founder and CEO

Kartik Mehta - Saral Designs

Kartik Mehta
Co-founder and CTO

Abhijit Patil - Saral Designs

Abhijit Patil
Operations Head

Chaiitanya Bulusu
Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer

manglika tripathi - saral designs

Manglika Tripathi
Resource Mobilisation and Partnerships Manager

Aditya Khare - Saral Designs

Aditya Khare
Sales and Marketing Head

Nihal Amolik Saral Designs

Nihal Amolik
Head of Procurement

Suraj Patinge from Saral Designs

Suraj Patinge
R&D Head

Rajani Pandey from Saral Designs

Rajani Pandey
People Operations Manager

Samidha Sawant
Design Engineer

Prakash Gharti
Operations Engineer

Ijaz Shaikh from Saral Designs

Ijaz Shaikh
Sales & After Sales Engineer

Mustafa Damerwala from Saral Designs

Mustafa Damerwala
After Sales Engineer

Sweta Padhy from Saral Designs

Sweta Padhy
Accounts Executive

Vishal Panchal - Saral Designs

Vishal Panchal
Design & Testing Engineer

Fahad Saral Designs

Fahad Sayed
Production Engineer

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