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The Saral Approach

Affordability - Saral Designs


We have developed the world’s first fully automatic machine innovation which is a low cost

Access - Saral Designs


To provide last-mile access to sanitary napkins, we have established door to door (D2D)

Awareness - Saral Designs


Our local health workers are trained to impart knowledge on menstrual hygiene.

Advocacy - Saral Designs


We constantly work towards building a better ecosystem in menstrual hygiene. 

Papers and Publications

Automatic Sanitary Pad making machine – SWACHH 3.0 - Saral Designs Machines

Our poster presentation at Grand Challenges Annual Meeting in 2019 in Addis Ababa at the United Nations and published on Gates Open Research talks about decentralized machine technology for improving last-mile menstrual health … Read More

Read about Saral Designs’ model in the Inclusive Business Playbook, which includes an actionable framework and case studies, fills this gap and, by drawing on the experience of inclusive social enterprises, provides business Read More

Read about how Saral Designs’ model can encourage the private sector to step up and commit to addressing some gaps in funding and make advances in product innovation and address distribution challenges. …Read More

Case Studies

Creating livelihood opportunities for women in rural India with sanitary pad making machines

Sangini Model: Door to Door distribution model for last-mile access of sanitary pads.

Local Packaging and distribution of sanitary pads in urban slums of India

Innovating for Impact: How we created a surgical mask making machine during the pandemic

Shift in Knowledge, Attitude and Practices with menstrual hygiene management programs in India and Nepal

Impact Stories

story on sarai

Jayashree Kamble is a middle-aged woman who lives in a 100 sq. ft. house with her family in this slum which is a settlement located in a hillock.

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