Automatic Sanitary Pad making machine – SWACHH 3.0


Automatic Sanitary Pad making machine – SWACHH 3.0

For medium scale, Swachh 3.0 is an automatic machine for producing high quality ultra thin sanitary napkins. The machine is compact and easily operable; hence, it can be installed at several locations making it ideal for decentral manufacturing.

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Compact Machine - Saral Designs

Compact Machine

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Easy Process

Pad Production - Saral Designs

Pad Production

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Temperature Control


  • Compact machine making high-quality ultra thin pads with low set-up cost.

  • Pad Type: Ultra thin with wings. Multiple sizes and shapes of sanitary pads can be made up as per requirement.

  • Temperature controller, indicator and pad counter for better process monitoring.

  • Easy process of re-mounting the raw material roll.

  • Dimensions (L x B x H) 16ft x 6ft x 7ft, weighing 350 kgs.

  • Power consumption 6kW/hour.

  • Air Pressure 8-10 kg/cm2, Efficiency 80%.

  • Pad production Rate 16 pads/min

  • Pantiliners can be made in Swachh 3.0 machines with additional die set

  • Maternity Pads can be made in Swachh 3.0 machines with additional die set

  • PLC Automation

The production of almost all menstrual health and hygiene products has traditionally been the domain of gigantic corporate firms. This has resulted in a selective promotion as the principle focus has been commercialization and not welfare of the have-nots. The sanitary pads machine manufactured by Saral Designs pursues the goal to maximize the availability of sanitary pads irrespective of the social strata. Instead of alienating the masses, we have in sight a better world for those who have grown to dread the use of sanitary pads due to the conjecture surrounding it. Affordable and locally produced sanitary pads machine will narrow the drift and normalize it from being a bourgeoisie commodity.

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