Alumni Series: Career trajectory with Saral Designs

Have you ever wondered how it feels to work with a growing startup like Saral Designs? Well, if yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, read our stellar Alumni employee’s experiences, their growth trajectory, and how working with Saral accelerated their career growth. Well, if yes, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, read our stellar Alumni employee’s experiences, their growth trajectory, and how working with Saral accelerated their career growth. In this blog, our 4 ex-employees (but always a part of the Saral family) share their experiences in different roles and their key learnings.


Name : Harshad Sontakke

Role at Saral: People Operations

Current Company: Category Lead @Unacademy

Past Work Experience: Operations Consultant @Uber

Profile at Saral Designs- HR & Admin

Hi, I am Harshad.

I joined Saral when Saral was just 2 years old. It was a great window of opportunity for me to work with a small team and learn from different verticals across Saral. I was hired as an HR & Admin and worked as an associate. Initially, I also looked after operations and logistics also. 

Best Things About Saral:

  • Great exposure
  • Exposure to diversified verticals
  • Commitment and Dedication
  • Hard work
  • Never give up attitude
  • Quick learning and time management
  • The Art of Pitching

All the teams worked with such intimacy that we knew what’s happening in the other team and how they are solving the difficulties. Both Kartik and Suhani maintained transparency throughout. They welcomed our suggestions, ideas and acknowledged them with positivity.

Working with Saral Designs gave me a new perspective to consider when I think about my future.


Name: Mahesh S Chandran

Role at Saral: Production Manager 

Current company:  Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

Past Work Experience: Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt Ltd, Danamojo payment solutions

As I was working with a team of young professionals, I got multiple opportunities to learn, execute and experiment with new things every day.

Best Things About Saral:

  • A valuable, friendly and supportive team
  • Recognition
  • Great Growth trajectory


Name: Shivali Bhagayatkar

Role at Saral: Partnerships & Research Head 

Current company: Corporate Partnerships- Save the Children India/Bal Raksha Bharat.

Past Work Experiences: SNEHA- Society for Nutrition Education and Health Action, Praja Foundation

I joined Saral as a Research Consultant in Feb 2018 and worked there for 3 years. My role evolved and I got to carve it out. It’s been one of the best workplaces I have ever worked with. I got a lot of freedom while working here. I was also one of the few non-engineers hired at Saral. 

Best Things About Saral:

  •   Great work culture
  • Energetic young workforce
  • Progressive and supportive environment
  • Challenging projects
  • Great learning

My Aha moments at Saral were:

When we received the Millennium Alliance Round 5 Award and Grand Challenges Canada project was approved for us to scale our impact in India and Nepal. These were also the two most-challenging, breakthrough projects which I got to create and work for.


Name: Dhruti Gantara

Role at Saral: Business Development Manager

Current Profile: Student at the University of San Francisco

Previous companies: Chokhra & Gandhi Chartered Accountants, Jio studios (now Jio Creative labs)(Internship),
ACG worldwide (internship), ICICI Bank RealEZRealty (a real estate startup in USA)

At Saral, I worked on projects outside my scope as well as work across national boundaries, which helped me enhance my knowledge base and learnings in many areas. Not many companies allow this level of freedom and opportunities to employees. 

Best things about Saral:

  • The people
  • The work
  • The culture
  • An energetic team
  • Great support from founders about the open-door policy
  • Mental as well as personal growth

I’m thankful I can say that I enjoyed going to work every day! Not everyone says that, do they? 😉 I was also the first-ever employee to be given a chance to work remotely from a different country! And that was my Aha moment!

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