Active Ultra Sanitary Pads

Active Ultra Sanitary Pads

Active Ultra Sanitary Pads

Active Ultra XL+ (320mm)
Active Ultra XL (280mm)

Ultra thin, extra long sanitary pads with wings, specially designed for long lasting protection.

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Active Ultra Sanitary Pads - Saral Designs
UV Sterilized - Saral Designs

UV Sterilized

NaPa Gel Technology - Saral Designs

NaPa Gel Technology

Longer Wings - Saral Designs

20% Longer Wings

No Harmful Chemicals - Saral Designs

No Harmful Chemicals

Rash Free - Saral Designs

Rash Free

Free Disposal Wrapper - Saral Designs

Free Disposal Wrapper


Does your sanitary pad often leave a stain on your underwear? Is disposing off your sanitary pad a nightmare? Do you get rashes every time you use a pad? Ladies, brace yourselves. We have the perfect new age solution designed especially for Indian women.

  • Ultra thin sanitary pads contain NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS, COLOR or PERFUMES and are UV STERILIZED to protect you from infection.

  • On heavy flow days, its dry-net top layer keeps you DRY, RASH FREE and prevents irritations.

  • With NaPA Gel technology and 20% LONGER WINGS Active Ultra XL (280mm) is SUPER ABSORBENT and LEAK-PROOF.

  • Each sanitary pads comes with a FREE bio-degradable DISPOSAL WRAPPER.

  • Designed by engineers from IIT, Active Ultra thin pad with wings is a new age solution for your menstrual health.

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