about saral

Saral Designs, is a Mumbai based start-up, working on increasing access to high-quality affordable sanitary napkins using a smart distributed manufacturing technology developed in-house.

Founded in 2015, Saral aims to create a better future in menstrual hygiene and sanitation using product design, machine technology, and innovative delivery mechanisms.

In developing countries, due to poor infrastructure, either distribution costs make the products 60% more expensive in voluminous products like pads and diapers, or the existing brands not catering to remote locations.

We are able to reach the 80% of the women who do not use hygienic menstrual products by solving the problem of access and affordability.

Our Team

Kartik Mehta

PRODUCT DESIGN Neubauplan I General Motors | IITM

Suhani Mohan

FINANCE & STRATEGY Acumen | Deutsche Bank | IITB

Niranjan Biswal

OPERATIONS & PRODUCTION P&G | Pad Raw Material Expert

Vijay Prakash

AUTOMATION & Sales Executive Embedded Systems | ITS

Nikita Arun

Sales & Field Operations Associate M.Tech | Pune University

Yogesh Hadke

Purchase Executive Mechanical | University of Mumbai

Sharanya Hariharan

Partnerships & Marketing Gandhi Fellow | Jai Hind College Mumbai

Harshad Sontakke

Human Resources Uber | University of Mumbai

Suraj Patinge

Machine Design Mechanical | Mumbai University