Designing a better future in menstrual hygiene

The Crisis

The state of menstrual hygiene in India is critical and there is an urgent need to address it.


Women in India use unhygienic materials like cloth, husk, news papers, etc during periods.


Women in India suffer from reproductive tract infections.


School girls in India drop out of schools once they start menstruating.

Our Saral approach

Technology is at the heart of our solution. We believe that local production and distribution can disrupt the largely underserved menstrual hygiene market.

We have developed India’s first indigenously designed machine for producing ultra thin sanitary napkins at a decentralized scale. While decentralization cuts down the distribution costs, the automated production ensures economies of scale and product quality.

This will enable several manufacturers to collectively solve the problem of quality, access and affordability of menstrual hygiene products.

Products by Saral Designs

Quality hygiene made affordable

Active Ultra XL

Ultra thin, extra long pads with wings, specially designed for long lasting protection.

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Compact, robust napkin vending machines specially designed for Indian toilets.

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You also can make a difference

Partner with us or gift our products to those who need. There are several ways you can contribute and help us accelerate the change.

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